Monday, December 26, 2005

Purse and hat

So, this purse is the product of my first lace knitting and me losing the pattern. The pattern I used, which is most excellent, is from I lost the paper where I was keeping track of the rows, so I decided to finish it off into a purse.

Then, we have my christmas gift to my mum. Another knifty knitter creation because admittedly, I do not actually care if I can knit a hat with regular needles. I did add the bottom solid pink part on with circulars and it rocks, being my first time. Let's see, pink homespun, some random white yarn, and more random creme yarn. Top knit on KK, bottom part knit on circulars in seed stitch. Bow was knit on some needles... I don't remember. Sorry for the dreadful pictures, it appears that someone needs to read thier camera manual.


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