Monday, December 26, 2005

blue shawl

Here's a blue shawl I finished. I saw this yarn at the store and I had never knit with anything like it before, so I picked it up and started. The pattern was simple, just knit one stitch to begin with, then knit through the front and back of each edge stitch until its as long as you want it. It was like 120 stitches for me, so kind of overwhelming. The lace inserts are just k2tog, yo, until the end of the row, so nothing to hard. I really love it. Its been attached to me for awhile now.
I've also found that you can wear it tied around your shoulders, as a head scarf, or tied around the waist. I wonder why one pic is tiled... Anyway, here's the stats: Red Heart Symphony in light blue, size 15 needes, self-designed pattern.


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