Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

Well, since I've abandoned this for so long, I decided to post more Christmas Presents on here.

These are my first socks ever! I made them for my mum and they went so quickly. I got bored with the straight stockinette midfoot, so I added those lovely mini cables on the top.
Stats: Size 7 dpns, Pink Cascade 220 wool, violet knitpicks wool of the andes, and navy blue lion wool. I used Knitty's Universal Toe-up sock pattern.

Next we have an argyle pillow I made for my sister. I knit the main diamonds on with intarsia (the teal colored parts) and then did duplicate stitch in the darker green over it. It looks a little wonky in this picture, but its fine in real life. It is also green on the back (the darker shade).
Stats: Size 10 US needles, Cascade 220 yarn (I had a lot left over!), stuffing. Self made pattern.

This is my gift for my stepmom. She asked for a felted purse in like July when I made mine, so I let her choose colors and knit it up for chistmas. Its on the small size, about 8in wide and 6in tall. I really wanted to keep it, but I guess I'll just have to wait and make myself one later.
Stats: Size 10.5 needles, Cascade 220 Wool in purple and light gray, buttons. Pattern was mostly from Magknits Sophie, but I added the two colors and the flap. I also didn't make twisted I-cord handles.

Here is another sock (wells, there's obviously two) that I made for my dad. The modeling on this had to be done by me, and while my feet are big, they are not as big as my dad's. I went off of a sock of his, and they fit him perfectly!
Stats: Size 7 needles, Black Wool of the Andes, Green Casacade 220. Pattern is also from the Universal sock pattern.