Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lace and post-Christmas knitting

Phew. Now that Christmas is over, I can finally knit for myself. Trust me, I have taken advantage of this fact.

I call these my Fibonacci Gloves. This is because I decided the stripe placement based upon the Fibonacci numbers and all that jazz. I got the base pattern from Sweaterscapes. It was opera glove length but I wanted gloves soon and I didn't have enough yarn to do them that long. I knit the turquoise one first and then discovered I didn't have enough yarn to do the second one in the same way, so I inverted the colors. I like it because it looks neat and I can always tell which is the right and which is left. I used more Filatura Zara yarn from Italy on them because they were good small projects. I used under two balls (one for each color). I also used the smallest needles I have ever used, US 3, and didn't go insane like I thought I would.

My next show and tell is the socks I knit for my stepmom's birthday. I finally can post them because I just gave them to her (she's wearing them now!). These were my first lace socks and my first time using sock weight yarn. Once again, I used the Universal Toe Up sock pattern from Knitty. If you can't see, it has a lace panel up the foot and then all over lace on the leg. This was Sisu Maskinvaskbar sock yarn in this pretty bright pink color as you can see. I got the lace pattern from Interweave Knits Holiday Issue in the Boudoir Socks Pattern. These inadvertently look very similar to them, and I didn't realize until I was well in that they look the same. I find that this happens frequently. Let's see, I used US 3 needles again and did the top ribbing in US 2.5.

This next FO is actually not in this state anymore. I frogged it because I wanted to do something else with the yarn because I discovered another ball of it. I bought it in Firenze last year and have no clue what its called or who made it (one of the few unidentified ones in my stash), but its gorgeous. I just wanted to post it because the yarn is so pretty.

This is an older project that I made for my mum's birthday in November. They are Urban Necessities from Magknits. I knit them up in Cascade 220 and omitted the pattern on the flap because I was knitting these on a bus and couldn't exactly sit and decipher charts. I really like the pattern and have another pair in the works that was abandoned as Christmas knitting took precedence. I did them on what I thought were US 6 needles but turned out to be US 8, yet they still came out perfectly.

Well, I'm off to knit on my socks (finally some for myself!). I'll post when I finish them.


Monday, January 01, 2007

Various Knits

So one of my "new year's resolutions" is to update this more often so I can have a nice account of everything I've done.

So the first is one of my rare lace projects. I knit it as a belated birthday present for a friend and she loved it, even though I gave it to her in July. I got the lace stitch out of Knitting for Dummies, which is a good all around reference book I think. This photo is graciously modeled by Orlando Bloom (okay, my Legolas cardboard cutout from my fangirly LOTR days).

Stats: US 13 needles, Caron Simply Soft (chunky something rather, I don't remember).

Next I have some lovely merino fingerless gloves I made my best friend for her birthday. Again, I felt silly giving them to her in July, but I figured she could use them when the AC got too cold. This was not only my first intro to knitting with really nice yarn, but also to duplicate stitch. Stats: Size 5 US needles, Filatura Di Crosa Zara Yarn (bought in Florence, Italy (!)), original pattern by me.

These gloves, or rather glove and a half, are done now, but I don't have a good enough picture of them finished. These are my first full gloves, and I am not scared of working with size US 3 DPNs anymore. I said I would never go skinnier than a US 5 needle, but it was only out of fear.
Tomorrow when the sun is out I'll go take better pictures because they deserve it.

Now, I'm off to drool over my 1 skein of Noro Kureyon. I think combined with some coordinating Cascade 220 (now that I can afford) I'll do a felted purse.

Happy Knit Year,